Friday, August 21, 2009

Mermaid Birthday Cake (possibly part one)

Each year on Good Friday our family gathers for a day of fish and chocolate eating, as well as Easter Egg hunts and an afternoon walk. This year I made a cupcake Easter cake with little bunnies, chickens and eggs made from royal icing (sorry no photos this was B.B - before blogging).
While enjoying a cupcake and a cup of tea in the afternoon my cousins daughter came up with a cupcake and sat next to me. "Mantha, can you make a mermaid cake for my birthday with this stuff?" indicating the royal icing chicken about to be consumed. "Well I haven't made one before but I'll give it a try Ellie" And so off she went to devour more chocolate and cupcakes.
So that left me 5 months to ponder making a mermaid cake for Ellie's 4th birthday in September. You know how it is 5 months was a long time ago 5 months ago but with 2 weeks to go before the big day I needed to do some serious pattern searching for a mermaid. I came across a great pattern at for mermaids and other sea creatures, now to translate this into icing.
OK first things first - a clean tidy bench - won't the man of the house be happy to see this, having made numerous mention over the past weeks that our kitchen was looking more like a sewing centre - and, a very untidy one at that!
Let's start easy ... some purple star fish made with star cookie cutter.

Then some sea horses (using nunodoll pattern)

Then onto the Mermaid.
Body and arms from one piece of icing. Head from another stuck together with toothpicks, then attached to the tail with yet more toothpicks. A little top that required off the shoulder straps (see later photos) to hide the very near bilateral arm amputations and she's almost done.

Some hair, a face and a little pearl and wal - ah

Mermaid is complete.

ready to take her place with the other creatures

to celebrate under the sea

Happy Birthday Ellie

Now to make the cupcakes.

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