Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Creative Space

With the wonderful sunshine coming in the window

some more knitting was on the cards.

Rainbow bowls for the Spring table

Only Red to go.

It's time to bask in some more wonderful creative spaces over at Kootoyoo.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Creative Space.

Spring has Sprung
With the warm - ish spring days beckoning the garden became my creative space this week.

After a long winter hiatus of neglect my garden was in dire need of some love and attention.

Some rocks were delivered to us by friends who didn't want them in their garden any more so with a bit of lifting and lots of grunting I created some stone sentinels to welcome visitors to our home and provide points of interest in our developing garden.

So rock over to Kootoyoo to see what other Creative Spaces there are this week.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Handmade in Melbourne

A few weeks ago Nikki over @ My Black Cardigan had a fantastic give away -
the Handmade in Melbourne book.
And lucky me was one of the recipients.
Receiving the give away was a wonderful experience from the beginning.
Wrapped in white paper embellished in red crazy sewing (I can see the red work quilt project inspiration here ... and lovely inspiration it is) and a little note card to match.

The unwrapping process was a wonderful tactile experience.

Fingers tracing the sewing to see where to led

... a wonderful journey before arriving at the back where the sticky tape was waiting, patiently waiting to be peeled back carefully so as not to damage the paper ...

...big breath ... paper folding open ... to reveal my new favorite book and inside another red stitched creation - a book mark!

Oh there is so much loveliness in this book ... loveliness that I would like to have in my home. Maybe if I put the bookmark in at the items I like Mr might get some Christmas ideas.

... yes that's a plan!

Thanks Nikki :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Creative Space - to go

With more and more time waiting at work, and the increasing feeling of frustration associated with the wait, I decided to become better prepared and use the wait more creatively.

Thus each day when hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go, my Creative Space - to go, comes with me.

Inside my shiny red Creative Space bag is an assortment of projects waiting to be indulged in.

My wicked paisley meant to be toilet bag, needed to be used every day - not just the infrequent holidays / weekends away

... so it became my sewing bag ...
with patterns, felt, scissors, pins, needles, threads and wool stuffing

I never thought I would say it, being the absolute non - knitter of my family but another bag contains some knitting. It really is quite amazing what you can do when a suitably inspiring knitting project comes along.

Then there's my thread box

and the wonderful Handmade in Melbourne book that I received as a give away from Nikki at My Black Cardigan

So now my waiting at work is used to indulge my creativity.

And much happier I am.

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