Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Creative Space - to go

With more and more time waiting at work, and the increasing feeling of frustration associated with the wait, I decided to become better prepared and use the wait more creatively.

Thus each day when hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go, my Creative Space - to go, comes with me.

Inside my shiny red Creative Space bag is an assortment of projects waiting to be indulged in.

My wicked paisley meant to be toilet bag, needed to be used every day - not just the infrequent holidays / weekends away

... so it became my sewing bag ...
with patterns, felt, scissors, pins, needles, threads and wool stuffing

I never thought I would say it, being the absolute non - knitter of my family but another bag contains some knitting. It really is quite amazing what you can do when a suitably inspiring knitting project comes along.

Then there's my thread box

and the wonderful Handmade in Melbourne book that I received as a give away from Nikki at My Black Cardigan

So now my waiting at work is used to indulge my creativity.

And much happier I am.

Don't forget to pop over to Kootoyoo to see what Kirsty and all the other creative people are doing in their spaces this week.


  1. my my busy as a bee you are!

    have just discovered your delightful it is :-)

    the sparkle snowflake at the top of your blog reminds me of a pair of Christian Dior snowflake earrings I saw in London a few years back..oh my! the size of a 50 cent piece..exquisite. I got to see them up close. The sales assistant asked "And would these be for madame?" I replied "They would be for madame's eyes." A sweet smile of understanding..

    they flew home in my imagination..

    here's to snowflakes!!!

  2. Wow! That's great! Sorry to hear the day job is so slow. K

  3. That is the most awesome-est portable creative space ever Sam!

  4. Wow, you are really are ready for anything with that portable creative space.

  5. That's quite a stash of organization creation there....Very cool set-up

  6. Wonderful on the go creative space, so smart!

  7. Have craft...will travel. I love your space.

  8. a girl of my own heart there...trouble is i dont know if my boss would think i had my mind on the job ...LOL...practical girl you are....fab idea:)

  9. oops...sorry ..signed in with my dd's's the real me now...happy day :)

  10. lovely shinny red bag full of fun!

  11. Righto Mrs....Me thinks it's time for a knitting lesson or two - i'm sure I can offer up something in the skills exchange..... I have news too. Peta